1. The Coot In The Suit

This is the place to start if you want to learn about Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul has been a coot since before you were born. He began running for President when Angus Young was still in short pants. In this richly illustrated autobiography, find out the ups and downs of Dr. Paul, his loves and losses and what keeps him awake at night other than his 80 year old bladder.

3 Comments on “1. The Coot In The Suit”

  1. JGabriel says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you for creating this, you crazy, beautiful, Rand-y Galtian super-achiever!


  2. The Tragically Flip says:

    Fantastic art work. I only hope someone takes it the extra mile to produce an actual “Oh the places you’ll go galt” book on Paul.

    Suggested items:
    “The flatax”
    “Oh the thinks you can think are unconstitutional!”
    “There’s a fiat dollar in my pocket”
    “Great day for the Gold Standard!”

  3. drpaul2012 says:

    The Flatax is a good one.

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